Monday, December 9, 2013

Yearly Growth Rates For Health Care Spending Declined Over Last Decade

From John Goodman's Health Policy Blog, "Krugman: Wrong Again About ObamaCare" by John Goodman:
Health Care Spending Yearly Growth Rates 2002 To 2012
Source:  John Goodman's Health Policy Blog

[A]s the chart clearly shows, the slowdown in the rate of health care inflation has been steady and stretches over almost the entire decade before the Affordable Care Act became law. Whatever the cause, it started early on George Bush’s watch ― not under Barrack Obama.

Moreover, ObamaCare doesn’t really begin until this coming January. All the changes up to now have been cost increasing ― providing risk pool insurance to the uninsurable, forcing private plans to cover more benefits, and adding such extras to Medicare as free "wellness exams."

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