Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Florida's Population To Surpass New York's In 2014, Possibly As Early As March

From The New York Times, "New York Stays Ahead of Florida in Population" by Jesse McKinley:
New York’s hold on its status as the country’s third most populous state is down to fewer than 100,000 people, according to figures released on Monday by the Census Bureau. And the trend is not in the state’s favor, as Florida, which is No. 4, gained residents at three times the pace of the Empire State over a year’s span.

The figures, estimates for July 2013, showed that New York had about 19.65 million residents, while Florida had 19.55 million, with Florida gaining more than 230,000 people from a year earlier. New York’s growth was more modest, with some 75,000 new residents.

Those numbers represent the continuation of longstanding trends in population, as new foreign-born immigrants and other transplants flock to Florida while New York’s growth continues to suffer under the weight of stagnant or declining populations in upstate areas.

Jan K. Vink, a specialist with the Program on Applied Demographics at Cornell University, which reviews Census Bureau estimates and supplies raw data to the agency, said the figures for July indicated that Florida would most likely surpass New York in early 2014, perhaps as soon as March.

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