Thursday, December 19, 2013

McKinsey & Co Global Survey Of Economic Conditions, December 2013

From McKinsey & Company, Insights & Publications, "Economic Conditions Snapshot, December 2013: McKinsey Global Survey results" December 2013:
As 2013 draws to a close, executives are more optimistic about economic improvements than they have been all year, both at home and in the global economy. They also anticipate that conditions will continue to improve, thanks to the steady (though modest) improvements in the developed world that many expect to see.

In McKinsey’s newest survey on economic conditions,1 the responses affirm that economic momentum has shifted—and will continue to move—from the developed to the developing world, as we first observed in September. Indeed, executives say the slowdown in emerging markets was one of the biggest business challenges this year, and respondents working in those markets are less sanguine than others about the current state of their home economies.
More positivity at home
At the country level, executives’ bullishness is steadily growing: 45 percent say economic conditions are better now than six months ago, up from 42 percent in September and 36 percent in June, though views vary across regions. Respondents in developed Asia are twice as likely as those in developing markets, for example, to say conditions have improved. [Footnotes and tables omitted]

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