Friday, December 20, 2013

One In Five International Migrants Come To US: Up From One In Six In 1990

From PewResearch, "Changing Patterns of Global Migration and Remittances: More Migrants in U.S. and Other Wealthy Countries; More Money to Middle-Income Countries" by Phillip Connor, D’vera Cohn And Ana Gonzalez-Barrera:
A rising share of international migrants now lives in today’s high-income countries such as the United States and Germany, while a growing share was born in today’s middle-income nations such as India and Mexico, the analysis finds.
Source: PewResearch
These shifts occurred as the total number of international migrants rose from 154 million in 1990 to 232 million in 2013 – but remained steady as a 3% share of the globe’s growing population.

During this period, the U.S. remained the largest destination country by far and increased its share of the world’s migrants. One-in-five (46 million) migrants now live in the U.S., compared with slightly less than one-in-six (23 million) in 1990.

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