Saturday, November 16, 2013

What Foreigners Find Most Surprising About The US

From The Daily Caller, "Foreigners share what they find most surprising about America" by Business Insider. I copied the topic headings in the article and not the foreigners' quotations in each heading. The article's topic headings are:
America is so huge that it would take weeks to see all of its major cities.

In fact, everything seems bigger in America — especially portion size.

Still, Americans seem to be obsessed with sports and fitness.

The variety of goods sold at American supermarkets, especially Wal-Mart, was unbelievable to many foreigners.

A lot of things go to waste, especially food.

Americans rarely carry cash and instead depend on credit cards to make purchases.

Foreigners were amazed by the return policies that are standard at stores across the country.

Outside of big cities, everyone has a car.

Overall, Americans tend to be much more friendly than expected.

And Americans love America.

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