Friday, November 29, 2013

96 Percent Of Metropolitan Areas Saw Decline In Population Share Within 5 miles Of The Urban Center Between 1980 And 2010

From Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland, Economic Commentary, "Population Distribution and Educational Attainment within MSAs, 1980–2010" by Kyle Fee:
One can see the shift of population away from the core more clearly by looking at population shares. Figure 2 shows changes in population shares by distance from the city center for these 100 metro areas. Neighborhoods within 10 miles of the urban core have seen their population shares decline, while neighborhoods 10 to 30 miles from the core have seen their population shares rise. This outward shift of population shares is widespread across the 100 metro areas, with 96 percent of them seeing a decline in the share of the population within 5 miles of the urban core between 1980 and 2010.

Source: Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland

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