Thursday, November 21, 2013

States Need To Up Their Health Insurance Game As ObamaCare Comes Crashing Down And Congress Is Ineffectual: How About A State Reciprocity Law As A Start

ObamaCare is not working from a technological perspective, an insurance perspective, an economic perspective and a public acceptance perspective. The question is quickly becoming not if ObamaCare fails, but how soon.

The current Congress is incapable of passing legislation that will solve the problem and not be vetoed by the President.

The States need to act and they need to act in a uniform but not necessarily identical manner to quickly resolve the health insurance problems across the country created by ObamaCare.

A good start would be a health insurance reciprocity law.

Reciprocity Law
The States should pass laws that would allow any of their residents to purchase an out of state health insurance policy without the need for new state approvals, if:
  1. The health insurance policy is legal in and offered in the originating state, and
  2. Pays for medical services within the purchaser's state to medical providers doing business in the purchaser's state, and
  3. The originating state of the health insurance policy also allows its residents to buy out of state health insurance policies.
Enactment of a health insurance reciprocity law by the States and DC would create blanket health insurance coverage across the entire US without the need to wait for any federal legislative action.

States will be free to allow any type of health insurance and residents of reciprocal states will be free to choose in-state insurance or out-of-state insurance from reciprocal states.

Insurance companies will get the chance to sell in a larger market with the trade-off that insurance competition will increase.

Add a change at the federal level to the US Tax Code to allow individuals to deduct the cost of health insurance and there will be no need for ObamaCare.

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