Friday, January 22, 2010

Obama's New Bank Restrictions Increase Systemic Risk: The VIX Rose 19 Percent

Congressional and Executive Branch changes to laws, regulations and policies to reduce the systemic risk of the financial system, such as Obama's new banking restrictions, often have an opposite effect and increase the systemic risk.

As an example, Franklin Edwards and Edward Morrison explained in an article "Derivatives and the Bankruptcy Code: Why the Special Treatment?" (Winter 2005, Yale Journal of Regulation) that simple, logical changes to laws and regulations to prevent systemic risk in a bankruptcy proceeding created the need for the Federal Reserve to step into the collapse of LTCM (Long Term Capital Management) to prevent a systemic risk crisis. The very Congressional changes to the US Bankruptcy laws for derivative settlements intended to prevent a systemic risk crisis exacerbated the LTCM crisis and forced the Federal Reserve to intervene to prevent the failure of other financial institutions.

Edwards and Morrison state:
Thus, one view of the potential for LTCM to have caused a systemic crisis is that this crisis was precipitated by the very provisions of the Bankruptcy Code that were designed to assure stability in derivatives markets.

Had these provisions not been adopted, it is very likely that there would not have been either an “abrupt and disorderly close-out of LTCM’s positions” or an “unwinding [of] LTCM’s portfolio in a forced liquidation.” There probably would have been no need for the Federal Reserve to intervene to prevent a “seizing up of markets . . . [that] could have potentially impaired the economies of many nations, including our own.”
Earlier in the article, they write:
The collapse of Long Term Capital Management (“LTCM”) in Fall 1998 and the Federal Reserve Bank’s subsequent efforts to orchestrate a bailout raise important questions about the structure of the Bankruptcy Code. The Code contains numerous provisions affording special treatment to financial derivatives contracts, the most important of which exempts these contracts from the “automatic stay” and permits counterparties to terminate derivatives contracts with a debtor in bankruptcy and seize underlying collateral. No other counterparty or creditor of the debtor has such freedom; to the contrary, the automatic stay prohibits them from undertaking any act that threatens the debtor’s assets. It is commonly believed that the exemption for derivatives contracts helps reduce “systemic risk” in financial markets, that is, the risk that multiple major financial market participants will fail at the same time and, as a result, drastically reduce market liquidity…. Risk of a systemic meltdown arose there and prompted intervention by the Federal Reserve precisely because derivatives contracts were exempt from the automatic stay. Derivatives contracts may merit special treatment, but fear of systemic risk is a red herring.
Yesterday (Thursday), the S&P Volatility Index (CBOE VIX) rose 19.2 percent for a gain of $3.59. Market participants expect stocks to be almost 20 percent riskier than they were before President Obama announced his banking risk proposal. The market does not believe his proposal reduces systemic risk.

Franklin R. Edwards is the Arthur F. Burns Professor of Economics and Finance, Columbia Business School.

Edward R. Morrison is an Associate Professor of Law, Columbia Law School.

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