Saturday, January 23, 2010

7 To 10 Percent Cost Increases For Large Employers Under Unmodified Senate Health Care

Should that Senate bill pass unmodified and become law, the cost of employer-provided health care for large companies would shoot up an additional 7% to 10% per year (beyond current increases) over the next decade, for a grand total of between $62.7 billion and $89.2 billion, estimates the HR Policy Assn., a group of human-resource executives at the country's largest 300 or so firms.
If a health-care reform bill similar to the ones in Congress is eventually passed, how will companies react? According to the HR Policy Assn., many members are already considering such actions as reducing benefits for both retirees and employees, passing on the cost of any excise tax to workers, and even delaying hiring for open positions.
From "The Bill for the Senate's Bill" by Alix Stuart on

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