Monday, April 9, 2012

Rometty, The Masters, CBS And Public Airwaves

My comment to The Wall Street Journal article, "With Rometty at Masters, A Gender Debate Simmers" by Spencer E Ante and Jason Gay:
There is a question of whether CBS is violating its FCC broadcast license by broadcasting the Masters. Augusta National Golf Club can legally exclude women, but CBS may be in violation of its public airways airwaves broadcast license or general FCC regulations. Even if CBS is not currently violating the law, the FCC may have sufficient power to require CBS, or any other broadcaster using the public airways airwaves to include in their agreements with Augusta and other organizations that they not discriminate against women. Having the right to exclude does not include the right to use the public airways airwaves. Freedom of speech and association on public airways airwaves are much more limited and regulated than regular free speech.

Augusta does not have a legal right to have its tournament shown on the public airways airwaves.

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