Saturday, April 7, 2012

Land Conservation Groups Oppose Major Environmental Groups' OK Of Large Scale Solar Projects

From The Los Angeles Times, "Environmentalists feeling burned by rush to build solar projects: Local activists say national groups, focused on renewable energy, ignore projects' threat to the Mojave." by Julie Cart:
Small environmental groups are fighting utility-scale solar projects without the support of what they refer to as "Gang Green," the nation's big environmental players.

Local activists accuse the Sierra Club, the Natural Resources Defense Council, Defenders of Wildlife, the Wilderness Society and other venerable environmental groups of acquiescing to the industrialization of the desert because they believe large-scale solar power is essential to slowing climate change.

Janine Blaeloch, director of the Western Lands Project, a small public lands watchdog group, said Gang Green's members are compliant in order to make themselves more inviting to major foundations. In recent years, grants for projects focusing on climate change and energy have become the two top-funded issues in environmental philanthropy. Foundations have awarded tens of millions of dollars in grants to environmental groups that make renewable energy a top priority.


  1. Once again the greeners are not doing their research. It was a joke to watch Julia Louis Dreyfus and Robert Redford march against the Keystone pipeline and plastic bags. Let us wise you up....they should be marching against the Louis Dreyfus Group and its many businesses. The land grabbing they are doing in South America and Asia is ruining tons of farm land never to be used again...they are going to not use it for food but biofuel....when you get hungry just remember what I am trying to tell you...spend your time and effort where the real harm is being done. Don't believe me...I have researched that company the last month...what they are doing to the environment is a crime....if you really care out the earth you will start to question everything they are doing. By the way, you know those cotton, reusuable bags she is pushing...won't hurt the Louis Dreyfus Group's cotton business any..

  2. Barack Obama and Julia Louis Dreyfus want biofuel so bad that instead of using garbage for biofuel they are in favor of companies such as the Louis Dreyfus Group, Bange, Carhill land grabbing, stealing locals farmlands, slavery, starvation and deforestation in Africa, Latin America, Asia and the Ukraine. Use oil for energy rather than misusing farmlands....let's find out how to use garbage for biofuel rather than stealing from people.