Tuesday, August 30, 2011

What I Learned From Irene

I will never give up my copper telephone landline!

I accept and do not fear technology. I stream movies and other video directly to my LCD TV. I use a cell phone with internet access and often read my email on my cell. I frequently communicate with my kids by text messages.

In my area, Hurricane Irene's strong winds and heavy rains flooded roads, downed branches and trees. Power lines snapped and electric power was out for almost two full days. Movement was restricted with many roads flooded, blocked by trees, or dangerous due to downed live electrical transmission wires.

Cell phone towers were out of commission. Cell phone and text message services were non-existent at my home and in many adjacent areas.

With two adult kids hundred of miles and hours away in two different compass directions, they were concerned about my well being and safety as I was about their safety.

My plug in copper wire land line phone never ceased working!

I called using my landline and spoke to my kids. They were relieved to hear I was OK and that there was no damage where I lived. Likewise, I was relieved to hear that the storm had had a minimal impact on their areas and homes.

My local friends who switched to internet based phone services lost use of their telephones 2-3 hours after the power went out at the beginning of the strong winds of the approaching storm when the reserve batteries depleted.

Those who used only cell phones also found themselves without telephone services..

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