Monday, October 26, 2009

Cap And Trade The Butcher?

People will need to consider turning vegetarian if the world is to conquer climate change, according to a leading authority on global warming.
UN figures suggest that meat production is responsible for about 18 per cent of global carbon emissions, including the destruction of forest land for cattle ranching and the production of animal feeds such as soy.
From "Climate chief Lord Stern: give up meat to save the planet" by Robin Pagnamenta, Energy Editor, TimesOnline, October 27, 2009.

I read that pets and pet food are also contributors to global warming. When we do get serious about taking actions to prevent and undo global warming, many people are going to be surprised by the changes to their daily routines and lives that will occur. It will not be just switching to hybrid or hydrogen cars, but will intrude much more into their lives, homes and actions.

It will affect what we eat, where we work, what we wear and what we do for leisure. We may even wear some kind of global warming gauge and have a daily global warming limit. It may even affect the number of children we can raise. Hopefully, it will not get to such a stage.

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