Thursday, July 25, 2013

US Median Real (Inflation Adjusted) Household Income Is 5% Lower Than In June 2009

From The Wall Street journal, "The Inequality President: The rich have done fine under Obamanomics, not so the middle class:"
Each month the consultants at Sentier Research crunch the numbers from the Census Bureau's Current Population Survey and estimate the trend in median annual household income adjusted for inflation. In its May 2013 report, Sentier put the figure at $51,500, essentially unchanged from $51,671 a year earlier.

Source: The Wall Street Journal

And that's the good news. The bad news is that median real household income is $2,718, or 5%, lower than the $54,218 median in June 2009 when the recession officially ended. Median incomes typically fall during recessions. But the striking fact of the Obama economy is that median real household income has fallen even during the recovery.

While the declines have stabilized over the last two years, incomes are still far below the previous peak located by Sentier of $56,280 in January 2008.

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