Friday, July 12, 2013

Almost Half Of Uninsured Workers Work For Large Companies Subject To The Health Insurance Mandate

From Forbes, "News Flash: 46% Of Working Uninsured Are In Large Firms Subject To Employer Mandate" by Chris Conover:
Progressives who champion Obamacare, such as Families USA’s Ron Pollack, have assured us that the one-year delay in the employer mandate is "much ado about fairly little" given that more than 94% of employers with 50 or more workers already offer health insurance benefits. Similarly, over at the New York Times’ Economix, Jared Bernstein offers this net assessment of the one-year delay "Hard to see it having much impact at all" since the "vast majority of employers with at least 50 full-time workers — about 95 percent — already offer coverage to the workers."
These claims betray a fundamental misunderstanding of the characteristics of uninsured workers in America. The truth is nearly half of the nation’s nearly 28 million uninsured workers are employed by the very firms mandated to provide health coverage. [Emphasis added.]

Source: Forbes

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