Tuesday, July 23, 2013

NYS Fracking Moratorium Five Years Old: Despite Safe Fracking Across Its Border In PA And Despite DOE And EPA Studies Finding Fracking Safe

New York State, particularly Governor Andrew Cuomo, continues to allow its upstate residents and economy to suffer by bowing to NYC metro area liberal and environmental political groups who oppose fracking, despite all the studies and real world evidence that it can occur safely.

From The Journal News, "Five years later, fracking pause still in place" by Jon Campbell:
Tuesday marks the five-year anniversary of the state’s official move to put large-scale hydrofracking permit applications on hold, a period of time opponents of the technique say speaks to their strength and advocates say points to a display of political indecision.

The Joint Landowners Coalition of New York, a statewide group of pro-drilling landowners, is hosting a news conference in Binghamton to mark the anniversary. A five-year delay is “ridiculous” and landowners are “fed up,” the group wrote in a memo to local organizations.

Many environmental and anti-fracking groups, citing the potential for damage to water supplies and community character, have called on the state to either ban shale-gas drilling or implement a lengthier moratorium.

Then Gov. David Paterson officially put high-volume fracking on pause in New York on July 23, 2008, when he ordered the Department of Environmental Conservation to conduct an in-depth environmental review of the technique and craft permitting guidelines.

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