Monday, May 6, 2013

Pizza Popularity Rising: Shareable And Variable

Posted by Milton Recht:

From TIME, Business & Money, "Hot Pizza: So Popular Restaurants Will Try Almost Anything" by Brad Tuttle:
Pizza has been popular for decades, of course. But lately, consumers‘ love for pizza has inched up a few degrees. Recent consumer research revealed that 41% of Americans now eat pizza at least once a week, up from just 26% a few years back.

A post at (short for Quick Service Restaurant) from Jeff From, an advertising executive with a special focus on marketing to millennials, offers some insight as to why pizza is so beloved by today’s consumers—Gen Y consumers in particular. Pizza is not only quick, easy, and relatively cheap, it’s also shareable (this group is incredibly social, seen in social media and many other ways) and endlessly customizable since you can always mix up the toppings. Supermarket experts have pointed out that millennials never want to eat the same thing twice, and pizza is brilliant in that you can eat it day after day and always be having something new.

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