Sunday, February 12, 2012

Former Classmate Gets Glowing Review From Al Hunt

Tom Vilsack and I were law school classmates. Nice to see he is doing a great job.

From Bloomberg, "Vilsack Makes U.S. Agriculture a High-Growth Area" by Albert R. Hunt:
The farm sector is one of the few bright spots in a rough U.S. economy. [Tom] Vilsack [current U.S. agriculture secretary], the popular former governor of Iowa, who has an appreciation of policy and politics, is one of the success stories of the Obama administration.
Vilsack, 61, has been in office three years, and is emerging as one of the most effective and respected agriculture chiefs.
“He’s doing a very good job,” Republican Senator Charles Grassley says of his fellow Iowan. The veteran lawmaker gives Vilsack high grades for settling civil rights issues concerning black farmers, helping family farmers get more information and compete better, and boosting agricultural exports. “I’ve heard nothing negative about him,” Grassley says.

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