Friday, February 24, 2012

Chevy Volt Buyers Have Same Higher Income As Mercedes And BMW Buyers But Get A $7500 US Rebate

From Rasmussen Reports, "Trickle Down Environmentalism Has Little Public Support" by Scott Rasmussen:
The CEO of General Motors said recently that the average income of those buying Chevy's electric Volt is approximately $170,000 a year. That puts electric car buyers in the same league as BMW buyers or those who drive a Mercedes-Benz. It may not be the 1 percent, but it qualifies in the top 7 percent of all American earners. That's a more elite group than those who buy Cadillacs or Lexus cars.
Under Obama and at his request, the US government gives more than $5 billion in taxpayer subsidies to jump-start the electric car industry and the US gives a $7,500 rebate to anyone who buys an electric car.

Obama's new budget proposes raising the rebate to $10,000.

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