Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Unemployment Rate For Asian High School Dropouts Is 40 To 60 Percent Lower Than Other Racial Groups

The above chart is from the College Board via The Chronicle of Higher Education.

Notice how much lower the unemployment rate for Asian high school dropouts is than for any other racial group. For Asians, the unemployment rate in 2009 for high school dropouts is 8.4%. For the other racial groups, the high school dropout unemployment rate ranges from 13.7% to 21.3%.

In addition to promoting increased education levels of US workers, a study should be undertaken to see what can be learned from Asians' low unemployment rate for high school dropouts, and whether there is useful information that can be applied to the other racial groups to lower their high school dropout unemployment rate.

Maybe some of the employment benefits obtained from education can be applied to high school dropouts without increasing their education levels.


  1. I sure hope that this rate have lessened by now. Being able to protect our assets through an income protection plan but without addressing the main issue, the problem remains the same.

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