Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sinai Calls For US Capital Gains Tax Cut To Boost Economy

From The Wall Street Journal opinion piece, "Cap Gains Taxation: Less Means More: A new study suggests a zero cap gains rate could create millions of jobs at a fraction of the cost of the spending stimulus" by Allen Sinai:
Capital gains taxation is one area in which lawmakers can help jump-start the economy. Capital gains tax rates for taxpayers in the top four income brackets are set to move higher in a few months. My [Allen Sinai] new study, "Capital Gains Taxes and the Economy," published this week by the American Council for Capital Formation, shows that the net effect of lower capital gains taxation is a significant plus for U.S. macroeconomic performance.
Allen Sinai is chief global economist, strategist and president of Decision Economics Inc.

Wall Street Journal online subscribers can read Sinai's complete opinion piece here.

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