Wednesday, April 5, 2017

US Physicians Earnings Vary By Region

From phillycom, "How much do doctors earn? Survey finds gender, regional differences" by Don Sapatkin:
Physicians in the mid-Atlantic U.S. earn less money — pulling in an average of $282,000 — than any other region in the nation, according to a new compensation report based on a recent survey of more than 19,000 doctors.

Physicians in the north central region of the country make the most, an average of $317,000, reported Medscape, a news website for medical professionals. The national average: $294,000 ($217,000 for primary care doctors and $316,000 for specialists).

Average Physician Pay by Region

Staff Graphic

  • Earnings were up about 5 percent from last year's survey, similar to increases each of the past several years.
  • Orthopedists make the most ($489,000), pediatricians the least ($202,000).
Information derived from "Medscape Physician Compensation Report."


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