Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Trust In Government Never Lower, As Measured By Gallup

From The Wall Street Journal, Opinion, "Trust in Business vs. Government: The public likes the private economy more than the politicians do:"
... the five industries that Gallup found are viewed more negatively than positively on net: oil and gas (minus-7), lawyers (minus-8), health care (minus-20) and pharmaceuticals (minus-23). Public opinion for health care has plunged to a five-year low, which also corresponds to its rough annexation by the federal government under ObamaCare.

Speaking of which, the worst performer in the Gallup survey? None other than the federal government, with merely 28% expressing a positive view and 55% a negative one for a net rating of minus-27 points. The pollster reports that "trust in the government’s ability to handle domestic problems has never been lower in Gallup’s trends, which stretch back to the 1970s."


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