Thursday, August 25, 2016

Democrats And Republicans See The Other Party As Ideologically Extreme, But Not Their Own

From PewResearchCenter, "Partisans see opposing party as more ideological than their own" by Zachary Krislov and Jocelyn Kiley:
Source: PewResearchCenter
Members of both parties most commonly place the other party on the extreme end of the scale. Among Democrats, 34% placed the GOP at the most conservative point. Even more Republicans – 45% – put the Democratic Party at the liberal extreme.

Majorities in both parties view the other party as closer to the ideological extreme than the center. Nearly six-in-ten Democrats (58%) place the Republican Party at one of the three most conservative points on the scale (0-2), while 69% of Republicans place the Democratic Party on the most liberal points (8-10).

Meanwhile, partisans consider their own party to be less ideological. While most Republicans place the GOP on the conservative side of the scale, only 36% rate it as very conservative (0-2 on the scale). Similarly, most Democrats view their own party as liberal but just 33% rate it at the most liberal points on the scale (8-10).


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