Sunday, June 5, 2016

80 Percent Of US Residents Have More Pleasant Weather Now Due To Climate Change: Models Predict Worse Weather By Next Century

From ScienceNews, "U.S. weather has gotten more pleasant, but will soon worsen: Researchers hope shift will spur action on climate change" by Thomas Sumner:
Americans have climate change to thank for a decades-long spate of milder winters. Around 80 percent of U.S. residents live in counties where the weather has become more pleasant over the last four decades (see map). That trend won’t last, however: Researchers predict in the April 21 Nature that 88 percent of Americans will experience noticeably worse weather by 2100 than they do today. [Emphasis added.]
Fair weather

Redder-shaded counties in the contiguous United States had relatively nicer weather (milder winters and cooler summers) between 1974 and 2013; green-shaded counties had worse weather. White-colored counties had insufficient data to gauge the area’s changing weather.

80 percent
Source: ScienceNews
Portion of Americans living in counties that experience better weather today than in 1974

88 percent

Portion of today’s Americans who live in counties that will have worse weather by 2100

Source: P.J. Egan and M. Mullin/Nature 2016

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