Tuesday, March 8, 2016

My Comment To WSJ Article, "$lammed by ObamaCare"

My comment to The Wall Street Journal, "$lammed by ObamaCare: My Bronze plan’s monthly premium jumped $194 this year. I never thought I’d look forward to Medicare, but I do now." by Christopher E. Press:
No one confuses auto insurance with automobiles, yet in medicine we confuse health insurance with medical care. The way to reduce the cost of healthcare is through medical care competition, and not through health insurance modifications and subsidies. Let doctors and hospitals freely compete including across states and the price of all medical and surgical procedures and doctor visits and examinations will significantly decline. Relax the restrictions on what RNs, physician assistants and pharmacists cannot do. Allow hospitals and mini-hospitals to open without a need to show community need first. Switch away from the price fixing caused by a diagnostic code insurance reimbursement system. With easier entry, with more purveyors of medical care and with competition for customers, without a reimbursement price list, the cost of health care will decline rapidly, become affordable and its quality will significantly improve.


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