Wednesday, January 27, 2016

93 Percent Of Apple's Cash Reserves Are Overseas: Kept Overseas To Avoid US Corporate Taxes

From MarketWatch, "Apple isn’t really sitting on $216 billion in cash" by Jeremy C Owens:
The more than $215 billion Apple has in reserve is a constant fascination of bloggers and market watchers, who imagine the company going on an acquisition spree or buying back (even more) company stock.
More importantly, almost all of Apple’s cash and securities are stashed overseas, proceeds from sales outside the United States that Apple will not bring back because it would then have to pay U.S. taxes. [Chief Financial Officer Luca] Maestri said Tuesday that $200 billion of Apple’s reserves — a whopping 93% — are overseas, and [Chief Executive Tim] Cook has expressly said Apple does not plan to sacrifice roughly 40% of that stash in order to bring the proceeds home to Cupertino, Calif.

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