Tuesday, September 24, 2013

North American Executives Least Optimistic About Future Global Economy And Most Worried About Geopolitical Instability And Domestic Political Conflicts: McKinsey & Co Survey

According to a McKinsey & Company survey, North American executives are the least optimisitc about improvements in the global economy over the next 6 months. The North American executives' are the most worried about geopolitical instability and domestic poltical conflicts.

From McKinsey & Company, Insights & Publications, "Economic Conditions Snapshot, September 2013: McKinsey Global Survey results:"
Exhibit 1

On the world economy, executives in the eurozone are the most positive (and much more so than they were in June).

McKinsey Global Survey results of economic conditions
Source: McKinsey & Co
Exhibit 4

Executives’ greatest worries are low demand and, especially in North America, geopolitical risk.

McKinsey Global Survey results of economic conditions
Source: McKinsey & Co

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