Sunday, July 29, 2012

One Simple Chart That Shows ObamaCare Is A Mirage: ObamaCare Will Fail: Will Not Provide Medical Services To The Uninsured: Will Not Lower Costs: Will Not Provide Care To Those With Pre-Existing Conditions

Chart from The New York Times article, "Doctor Shortage Likely to Worsen With Health Law" by Annie Lowrey and Robert Pear:

Source: The New York Times
ObamaCare makes promises about medical services and care without putting into place anything that will allow those promises to be kept. The law extends health insurance coverage to the uninsured. The law also eliminates pre-existing medical conditions as a reason for the denial of health insurance coverage. President Obama has misled the public into believing that having insurance means the same as getting needed medical care.

Insurance is just a means to pay for a service or product. It is not a mechanism for making that service or product available to the public.

As the above chart shows, there is a projected shortage of doctors in the US that will be made worse by ObamaCare.

In the coming years, the US public will find it has medical insurance to pay for needed medical services, but there will not be enough medical providers to meet the demand to give those services to all those in need.

People with their new medical insurance courtesy of ObamaCare will find that their situation will be the same as if they had no insurance. They will not get the care they need in a timely fashion.

ObamaCare is like a parents' holiday promise to their child that Santa will deliver the hottest, most sought after, new toy. The problem is the toy is sold out and the parents did not buy it yet.

ObamaCare is false hope to those who most desperately will need care. Because Obama's name will be forever linked with the law that is commonly known as ObamaCare instead of its legal name, The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, Obama's name will be forever associated with a law that does not deliver on its promises and that gives false hope to those in need.

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  1. You totally ignore the trend in healthcare services. Nurse practitioners and physician assistants are becoming the norm in frontline/rural medicine. Not unlike the use of optometrists to identify ocular diseases and refer treatment to an opthamologist. Isn't this less costly than abusing the ER for primary services? No, the sky is NOT falling and Obamacare STILL makes more sense than doing nothing.