Tuesday, July 3, 2012

25 Percent Of Teens Electronically Sent (Sext) A Nude Photo Of Themselves

From Bloomberg, "Nude Photo ‘Sexts’ Sent By One In Four Teens, Study Finds" by Jeanna Smialek
More than a quarter of American teenagers sent nude photos of themselves electronically, and those who engaged in ‘sexting’ were almost twice as likely as their peers to have had sex, researchers found.

About half of almost 1,000 students ages 14 to 19 from seven public high schools in Texas said they had been asked to send a naked photo electronically, according to a study published today in the Archives of Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine. Another third reported asking someone else to send them a nude picture.
More boys asked for a ‘sext,’ though the same percentage of boys and girls had sent one, according to the study.
Possession of a nude photo of a minor can be considered possession of child pornography and a criminal offense under federal and state laws.

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