Friday, May 4, 2012

Having A Job Is The Most Important Measure Of Inequality, Fairness And The Economy: The US Has Replaced Less Than Half The Jobs Lost During The Recession

From TheEnterpriseBlog, "Why the job market might not be normal until 2019 or beyond …" by James Pethokoukis:

the plunging labor force participation rate has been distorting the true picture of the labor market.
From The Wall Street Journal, "Depth of Recession Makes Recovery Look Worse" by Ben Casselman:
The problem is that the employment hole is much deeper this time around. The U.S. lost nearly 8.8 million jobs from 2008 to 2010, more than in the previous four recessions combined. Nearly three years into the recovery, the U.S. still employs 5 million fewer workers than before the recession. [Emphasis added.]

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