Tuesday, July 12, 2011

College Grads Started Taking Non-College Degree Jobs Years Before Recession Started

From Cleveland Federal Reserve Bank Economic Trends, "Are Underemployed Graduates Displacing Nongraduates?" by Stephan Whitaker and Mary Zenker:
We looked at data that could reflect this trend and found that college graduates are in fact becoming more prevalent in occupations that do not require a degree. The trend actually started before the recession, though it has, if anything, increased during the slowdown.
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In 2004, 16.3 percent of jobs that did not require a college degree were held by college grads. In 2010, the number rose to 18.2 percent. A 11.7 percent increase over 6 years, or a 1.9 percent average yearly growth rate.

In 2004, 25.82 percent of jobs that required a college degree were held by non-college grads. In 2010, the number decline to 23.7 percent. An 8.2 percent decline over 6 years, or a 1.4 percent average yearly reduction rate.

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