Friday, July 8, 2011

Closing Indian Point Nuclear Facility Will Increase NY Carbon Emissions By 15 Percent

From Gannett's, "Closing Indian Point has risks, NYC report finds" by Greg Clary:
Closing Indian Point in the next four years would create electricity shortages, higher energy costs and dirtier air, according to a preliminary report commissioned by New York City.
Among the key findings in the report:
  • New York City and the state would see an approximately 15 percent increase in carbon emissions under most conventional replacement scenarios.

  • The lowest-cost option would require $408 million in subsidies and if the price of electricity went down, the public support would need to be raised.

  • Every replacement option studied ... including aggressive energy conservation, will result in a cost increase to energy consumers throughout the state.

  • The cost of building new electricity generation would be passed to consumers; while those sums are debatable, they would be "real and significant."
Though the researchers didn't examine the impact on Indian Point's 1,100 workers or possible loss of tax dollars, they did note closing the plant "may have far-reaching ancillary economic impacts."
Read the complete article here.

A draft copy of the report is available here.

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