Wednesday, May 4, 2011

An Osama Bin Laden Death Photo Will Be Released

Does anybody doubt that in this age of easy manipulation of digital photos, someone (maybe many) out there will post on the Internet a faked, but very realistic photograph of Osama Bin Laden after he was shot and killed.

The photograph will go viral and will be used anytime, for any purpose, when one wants a Bin Laden death photograph.

The fake photo will be used in every situation and for every purpose that President Obama uses to justify not releasing the real photograph. Most viewers in those situations will assume the fake is real. A doctored photo will inflame passions against the US just as well as the real photograph.

Obama's reasons are internal. All he will accomplish is to add more fuel to the fire in the Americans that think his allegiance is more with the Arab world than with the US. His withholding of the photo, despite his belief that he is doing it with good intentions and for the right reasons, will not stop Arab world anger in those that are against the US or the recruitment of those who are prone to anti-American feelings.

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