Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Politicians' Public Statements Extended NewsCorp Cablevison Blackout

Politicians' public statements, not just their legislation, can have negative unintended consequences.

From Bloomberg.com, "Man Who Blacked Out World Series Blames Politicians" By Sarah Rabil:
News Corp.’s Chase Carey, the man who oversaw Fox’s talks with Cablevision Systems Corp. during a two- week blackout, has advice for government officials who want to keep more TV channels from going dark: Stop meddling.

News Corp. last month cut off World Series games and shows including “Glee” to Cablevision’s 3 million customers after the two sides couldn’t agree on how much Cablevision should pay Fox. One problem, Carey said, was that the government wasn’t clear about whether it would intervene, leading Cablevision to think it might get better terms if it held out until the U.S. weighed in.

“This process would have been resolved more easily, more quickly,” said Carey, chief operating officer and second-in- command to Rupert Murdoch. “I would actually contend we wouldn’t have gone off the air at all.”
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