Friday, February 17, 2017

Expected Changes In Consumer Demand Over The Next Decade Due To Changing Demographics: More Dog Wakers, Fewer Teachers

From BloombergMarkets, "Dog Walkers to Be More in Demand Than Teachers in Next Decade: Demographics to drive changes in spending patterns, report says" by rich Miller:
Its [a new report from the New York-based Conference Board] focus is on demographics, both the well-known aging of the Baby Boom generation and the less-publicized baby bust that began during the Great Recession as fertility rates dropped.

Thus the choice of profession suggested by the business membership and research association's report. Spending on pets is forecast to rise strongly as boomers -- perhaps pining for children who have flown the coop -- shower their attention and money on new-found furry friends.

Outlays on education will lag, though, as the potential student population comprising five- to 24-year-olds grows very slowly due to the downsized, post-Millennial Generation Z.
Expected Changes In Consumer Demand
Source: BloombergMarkets


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