Friday, November 25, 2016

My Unconventional Comment To Peggy Noonan's Opinion Piece On Trump's Conflict of Interests In The Wall Street Journal

My unconventional comment to The Wall Street Journal, Opinion, "No More Business as Usual, Mr. Trump: He has to abandon his company in order to deal on the country’s behalf." by Peggy Noonan:
If Trump does well as the President of the US, every item, hotel and rental property with or associated with the Trump name will increase in status and also will be more valuable. If he does poorly as the US President, every Trump item and property will be less valuable. He is probably the only US president who has ever had the equivalent of an equity stake in the success of his presidency, the future of the US economy and the global success of US foreign policy. He is probably the only US president who while in office has monetary incentives to do the right thing for the US. Unless Trump is promising to a foreign country some specific US governmental benefit, such as foreign aid, US military support, easier immigration to the US, ignoring human rights violations, etc., in return for a Trump Inc benefit, there is no conflict in continuing his Trump holdings. Unless Trump is following or recommending policies that solely benefit Trump holdings there are no conflict of interests.


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