Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Asians Are Highest US Hourly Earners By Sex, Race, And Ethnicity: More Asians Have Bachelor And Advanced Degrees Than Whites, Blacks Or Hispanics

From Bloomberg, "Asian Men Win the Hourly Earnings Race in America: White and Asian women are getting paid more, too." by Zara Kessler:
The Pew Research Center's review of Current Population Survey data found that, when looking at full- or part-time workers age 16 and up, median hourly earnings for Asian [Asians include Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islanders and include only non-Hispanic Asians] males were $24 last year, compared with $21 for white men. Median hourly earnings for Asian women were $18, compared with $17 for white women. And in a slight twist on the whole notion of the gender wage gap, white and Asian women outpaced black and Hispanic men, whose median hourly earnings in 2015 were $15 and $14, respectively.

Source: Bloomberg

Educational attainment, of course, plays a role: Those with a four-year college degree earn more than those without, and Asians are comparatively very well educated. Fifty-three percent of Asian adults 25 and older had at least a bachelor’s degree in 2015, vs. 36 percent of whites, 23 percent of blacks, and 15 percent of Hispanics. [This includes all those 25 and older in the U.S. civilian non-institutionalized population, not just workers with positive earnings.] Meanwhile, 21 percent of Asians age 25 and older had an advanced degree, compared with 14 percent of whites.
Differences in educational attainment is the primary cause of income differences in the US among racial and ethnic groups.

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