Thursday, April 28, 2016

69 Percent Of Recent High School Graduates Enrolled In College: 2 In 3 Enrollees Attend 4-Year Colleges

From US Bureau of Labor Statistics, Economic News Release, April 28, 2016, "College Enrollment and Work Activity of 2015 High School Graduates:"
Recent High School Graduates and Dropouts

Of the 3.0 million youth age 16 to 24 who graduated from high school between January and October 2015, about 2.1 million (69.2 percent) were enrolled in college in October. The college enrollment rate of recent high school graduates in October 2015 was little different from the rate in October 2014 (68.4 percent). For 2015 high school graduates, the college enrollment rate was 72.6 percent for young women and 65.8 percent for young men. The college enrollment rate of recent Asian (83.0 percent) graduates was higher than for their White (71.1 percent), Hispanic (68.9 percent), and Black (54.6 percent) counterparts.
Among recent high school graduates enrolled in college in October 2015, about 9 in 10 were full-time students. Recent graduates enrolled as full-time students were about half as likely to be in the labor force (32.9 percent) as were their peers enrolled part time (69.3 percent).

About 2 in 3 recent high school graduates enrolled in college attended 4-year colleges. Of these students, 29.5 percent participated in the labor force, compared with 47.3 percent of recent graduates enrolled in 2-year colleges.


  1. These statistics would really change the mentality of the public who have clearly been misunderstanding the entire graduate-cum-dropout relationship all this while. This piece of info would also come in handy for future graduates to carefully think through of their future plans to ensure they have a stable finance standing after leaving college.

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