Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Domestic US Net Migration Among States And Regions: The South Attracts The Most People From Other Regions: The Northeast Is Losing The Most People

From The Washington Post, "The states people really want to move to — and those they don’t" by Emily Badger and Darla Cameron:
Source: The Washington Post
Source: The Washington Post

Several long-term trends dating as far back as the 1960s are behind this larger pattern. The rise of air conditioning and interstate highways have made once-sleepy (and sweltering) Southern cities more appealing. And, over the same time, the decline of industrial jobs in the Midwest and Northeast have pushed people out. Cheap housing during the boom years also drove growth in states such as Arizona and Nevada.

For states like New York, domestic migration losses are offset by new immigration from abroad. But for many places in the Rust Belt, these shifts will mean more empty houses and "shrinking cities," and less political might.

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