Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Obamacare's Ineffectualness: Long-Term Uninsured Percentage, Failure To Obtain Medical Care Due To Cost Percentage And Available Care Access Percentage Are Unchanged From Early 2000

From NCPA, Health Policy Blog, "Access to Health Care Unchanged After Obamacare’s First Year" by John R. Graham:
As shown in Figure 2 [below], the proportion of long-term uninsured is about the same as it was circa 2000. The proportion of short-term uninsured has shrink a little in Obamacare’s first year.

Healthcare Population Percentage Graph; 1997-2014
Source: NCPA Health Policy Blog

However, this masks a dramatic increase in government dependency among working-age adults, ....
Further, this increase in government dependency has not lead to a change in access to health care. The proportion of people of all ages with a “usual place to go for medical care” was 87.8 percent last year, the same as it was in 2002-2003. Further, 5.7 percent reported that they failed to obtain needed medical care due to cost last year, the same as it was in 2003-2004.

These results confirm that the effects of the 2008 financial crisis and recession, and slow recovery, far outweigh Obamacare’s effect on access to health care.

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