Friday, March 6, 2015

Lowest Income Earners Benefit The Most From Rubio-Lee Tax Plan

From Tax Foundation, "The Rubio-Lee Plan Would be Good for Everyone, Especially Low Income Earners" by Kyle Pomerleau:
If you take all the pieces of the Rubio-Lee tax plan together, it actually produces the largest increase in after-tax income for the lowest income earners, not the highest.

According to our analysis, the bottom decile of taxpayers will see an increase in after-tax income of 44.2 percent, a percentage increase in income nearly four times larger than the top 1 percent’s increase in after-tax income. But the plan doesn’t just increase the after-tax income of the top and the bottom. All taxpayers will see higher after-tax incomes due to this plan.

And if you account for the increased economic growth that the plan will produce, income for all taxpayers will increase even more. The bottom decile will see a 55 percent increase in after-tax income.
Rubio Lee Tax Plan Distributional Effects
Source: Tax Foundation

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