Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Replace The Congressional Budget Office With A Legislation Effectiveness Office

My published comment to The Wall Street Journal Opinion, "How to Score in Congress: The GOP needs reformers to run CBO and the Joint Tax Committee:"
In the private sector, costs and revenue are associated with the same service or product. In the public sector, costs are incurred for a benefit, but the revenue is from unrelated taxes and fees.

Evaluate government programs by their effectiveness in achieving their purpose and not by the amount of taxes and fees that Congress includes in the same bill. Congress can enact the taxes and fees associated with many bills without the passage of the original program bill. The new funds could be used to lower our debt or balance our budget.

Instead of a Congressional Budget Office, the US needs an Effectiveness Office to analyze the likelihood that a proposed law or program will achieve its purposes; to study the effectiveness of previously enacted legislation in achieving stated goals.

Having ineffective programs and laws removed would do more good, then balancing the books of new programs and laws with more fees and taxes. Reorganize the CBO as a Program Effectiveness Office.

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