Saturday, November 15, 2014

Farmed Grown Seafood Increasingly Meeting Consumption Demands And Accounts For Over 40 Percent Of Global Fish Output

From The Wall Street Journal, "Taming the Wild Tuna: Why Farmed Fish Are Taking Over Our Dinner Plates" by Yuka Hayashi:
With a decadeslong global consumption boom depleting natural fish populations of all kinds, demand is increasingly being met by farm-grown seafood. In 2012, farmed fish accounted for a record 42.2% of global output, compared with 13.4% in 1990 and 25.7% in 2000. A full 56% of global shrimp consumption now comes from farms, mostly in Southeast Asia and China. Oysters are started in hatcheries and then seeded in ocean beds. Atlantic salmon farming, which only started in earnest in the mid-1980s, now accounts for 99% of world-wide production—so much so that it has drawn criticism for polluting local water systems and spreading diseases to wild fish.

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