Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Restrictive Skilled-Immigration Policy Costs US 500,000 Jobs Per Year

From The Wall Street Journal, "How America Loses a Job Every 43 Seconds: For every immigrant hired at technology companies, an average of five additional employees are added as well." by Matthew J Slaughter:
Restrictive skilled-immigration policy costs U.S. jobs every single day. How many? Start with an estimated 100,000 jobs lost directly this year from H-1B visa applications that were either not filed or not approved beyond the current cap of 85,000. Then add 400,000, a ballpark estimate from research of additional jobs not created at immigrant-hiring companies and at these companies' suppliers.

That's 500,000 jobs lost thanks to too-restrictive U.S. immigration policy. Spread across 50 five-day workweeks, this translates into 2,000 U.S. jobs not created a day. That is a new job lost about every 43 seconds, around the clock, every single day that America is open for business.

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