Saturday, August 24, 2013

NYC Is In The Top Quarter Of The Most Income Segregated Large Cities In The US

From The Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, Real Estate Research, August 23, 2013, "Does Sprawl Really Cause Segregation?" by Elora Raymond, graduate research assistant, Center for Real Estate Analytics, the Atlanta Fed's research department/PhD student, School of City and Regional Planning, Georgia Institute of Technology:
The bar chart below shows the largest cities in America, arrayed from most integrated to most segregated. The cities with the most sprawl are colored red; the most compact are colored teal. We can see that compact New York and sprawling Atlanta have similarly high levels of income segregation, as do Chicago and Detroit. At the lower end of the spectrum, dense Portland and sprawling Tampa are similarly well-integrated.

Segregation of Poverty, by City
Source: Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta

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