Thursday, June 6, 2013

Study Estimates About 30 Million In US Will Not Have Health Insurance After Implementation Of ACA Health Care Law (ObamaCare)

Posted by Milton Recht:

According to the following recent study between 29.8 million and 31 million people will not have health insurance after the Affordable Care Act is implemented.

From HealthAffairs Blog, "The Uninsured After Implementation Of The Affordable Care Act: A Demographic And Geographic Analysis" by Rachel Nardin, Leah Zallman, Danny McCormick, Steffie Woolhandler, and David Himmelstein, June 6th, 2013:
Results. We found that if all currently undecided states opt-in, 29.8 million people will remain uninsured, whereas if all opt-out, the number of uninsured will total 31.0 million, 1.2 million above the opt-in scenario.
Source: HealthAffairs Blog

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