Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Alcohol Mixed With Diet Drinks Increases Breath Alcohol Levels: Places Women At Greater Risk Of Alcohol Intoxication

Posted by Milton Recht:

from "Alcohol + diet drinks may increase intoxication" on ScienceBlog:
While it is known that food delays the stomach emptying, thus reducing BrAC [breath alcohol concentration], only recently has the role of nonalcoholic drink mixers used with alcohol been explored as a factor influencing BrAC. A new comparison of BrACs of alcohol consumed with an artificial sweetener versus alcohol consumed with a sugared beverage has found that mixing alcohol with a diet soft drink can result in a higher BrAC.
"In natural drinking settings, such as bars and nightclubs, young women are significantly more likely than young men to order drinks mixed with diet cola," said [Dennis L] Thombs [professor and chair of the department of behavioral and community health at UNT Health Science Center]. "I suspect this occurs because young women tend to be more weight conscious than young men. Thus, from a public health perspective, artificially sweetened alcohol mixers may place young women at greater risk for a range of problems associated with acute alcohol intoxication."

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