Wednesday, December 12, 2012

By 2060, Hispanics US Population Share Will Double To 1 Out Of 3

Posted by Milton Recht:
From The Wall Street Journal, "Hispanics to Nearly Double Share of U.S. by 2060" by Laura Meckler:
By 2060, Hispanics will account for one in three people living in the United States, nearly double the Hispanic share of the population today, the Census Bureau reported Wednesday, a shift with significant political and cultural implications.

The bureau estimates that by 2043, U.S. whites will lose their majority race status for the first time, with no one race representing more than half of the country. The white population is projected to peak in 2024 at nearly 200 million and then begin to fall, as older whites die at a faster pace than new white babies are born.

By 2060, non-Hispanic white people will represent 43% of the country, down from 63% today.

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  1. Hispanic is not a race most Hispanics have European ancestry either full or partially . If white means a person of European ancestry then many of the so called Hispanic population will add to the numbers of people of European ancestry.