Sunday, September 2, 2012

Charter Schools Are Pulling Students From Private Schools

From The CATO Institute, "The Impact of Charter Schools on Public and Private School Enrollments" by Richard Buddin:
While most students are drawn from traditional public schools, charter schools are pulling large numbers of students from the private education market and present a potentially devastating impact on the private education market, as well as a serious increase in the financial burden on taxpayers.

Private school enrollments are much more sensitive to charters in urban districts than in non-urban districts. Overall, about 8 percent of charter elementary students and 11 percent of middle and high school students are drawn from private schools. In highly urban districts, private schools contribute 32, 23, and 15 percent of charter elementary, middle, and high school enrollments, respectively. Catholic schools seem particularly vulnerable, especially for elementary students in large metropolitan areas.
The Impact of Charter Schools on Public and Private School Enrollments, Cato Policy Analysis No. 707

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